Endorsements-Powerful Mind through Self-Hypnosis

Reviews & Endorsements

"Cathal O'Briain's Powerful Mind is an excellent, comprehensive and easy-to-follow practical guide to re-training your brain for success in several different areas of life. Using methods of self-inducing trance and hypnosis, he guides you through the process helping to combat many common complaints such as weight problems or unhealthy addictions. Highly Recommended."  Tania Ahsan, Editor, Kindred Spirit Magazine

"People have lots of false impressions about hypnosis across the globe. `Cathal O'Briain' has done wonderful work to present factual information on hypnosis and its applicability in the book `Powerful Mind through Self-Hypnosis'. The readers shall be benefited irrespective of their previous knowledge on hypnosis because of systematic presentation of rich material on hypnosis and its application as a tool to master the mind. I recommend the book for every student and practitioner of Psychology and other healing modalities using power of mind. This is one of the best books on Self-Hypnosis I have come across during my practice of Psychological devices over a period of about three decades." Dr. J. P. Malik, Founder & Director, Indian Hypnosis Academy
"Cathal O'Briains "Powerful Mind through Self-Hypnosis" offers a clear and practical approach to hypnosis. It's insight and clarity make it a 'must have' for those willing to embark on a path to a better mind, body and spirit." Dr. David Morrow PhD., Vascular Biologist, University of Rochester Medial Center

"This is a powerful, clearly written, straightforward approach to reprogramming your responses to life and will help many people find their own way to happiness and a successful life" The Barefoot Doctor, Tai Chi Master


"I wholeheartedly recommend this book to all those who wish to use hypnosis to bring about lasting change. It is an excellent contribution to the historical development of Hypnotherapy and its concepts are soundly based on insightful methodology. If applied, they have the potency to transform your mind, body, and spirit. Set yourself free from the bondage of emotional difficulty and relish this mind expanding journey you're about to undertake. This book will literally change the way you think, feel, and behave, forever!" Dr. Joseph E. Keaney, PhD., Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

"Cathal O'Briain takes a unique psychoanalytical view of the therapeutic process involved with self-hypnosis and emphasizes its benefits for the average person desiring to move beyond his or her limitations. This book is all-encompassing with laws of suggestion, freudian and Jungian theories, and explanations of methodlogies that are likely to help readers transform a wide variety of personal goals." Dr. Allen Chips, PhD., Author & Speaker

"As a Doctor of Psychology and of Clinical Hypnotherapy with 20+ years in the field of hypnosis, I can say with much certainty, this is one of the clearest and easy to follow books on hypnosis I have read. Many books attempt to over complicate this simple and powerful tool. Hypnosis is truly easy to understand and easy to use for anyone to work with, and this book will help you on your path to empowerment" Dr. Matthew B. James. PhD., President of American Pacific University and Founder of the Association for Integrative Psychology