I'm About Done-O Briain Art Gallery

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I'm About Done

I’ve drank all me tea, but me mouth is still as dry a desert

I’m longing for a pint, to cross my lips, and make me feel whole inside

Like a man without a worry in the world, open to change, and open to people

Cause I’m about done drinking green herbal tea, and I don’t want to die here too healthily

So pull me a pint of that soothing fresh brew, you know it goes down well when I’m feeling blue

I’ve ate all me fish, but me mouth it waters for a pheasant

So pass me the salt and don’t you complain, or I’ll eat on me own again

Just like a man who has lost self-control, open to three courses with wine

Cause I’m about done eating rice cakes and bran, and I don’t want to die a skinny old man

So cook me steak that’s so rare it is talkin, cause me hunger is real and me legs have stopped walkin

I ran around the block, but me heart wasn’t able for the incline

So I sat on a rock, holdin onto me chest, thinkin this is my time

But it turned out to be indigestion, I was lucky I had two Rennies in me pocket

Cause I’m about done tryin to look like a model, and I’d gladly swap a tray of your Suchi for Coddle

And even if this means me arse is in tatters, I’d rather be a man who gets deep fried and battered

I like it deep fried and battered, I like it deep fried and battered

Cathal O'Briain © 2017