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Barbara Ford-Hammond - 6TH BOOKS & PSYCHE BOOKS
Barbara has been running her own hypnotherapy practice and training school for twenty years, and has published several books. She works with an international clientele as a therapist, coach and healer. Her style of writing and teaching ensures that information is delivered in such a way that the skills she shares can be used immediately. Barbara's desire is to inspire, motivate and share in fun fluff-free way through writing, teaching, nurturing and publishing the best authors.

Maria Moloney Wilbrink - AXIS-MUNDI BOOKS & DODONA BOOKS
Maria is the author of three MBS books and is currently working on further books and her first children’s fantasy novel. As well as guest lecturing at a UK university, she holds workshops in writing fiction and non-fiction and on spiritual subjects internationally. She is co-editor of Irish Pagan Magazine, Brigid’s Fire. Maria has a BA (hons) degree in Imaginative Writing and Literature, and has studied both Writing and Research at postgraduate level. She lives in Ireland.

Krystina has had several short stories published in spiritual magazines as well as many online articles on dream interpretation and other subjects. As well teaching creative writing, she has worked as a hypnotherapist, counsellor and a dream analysist. Krystina travels internationally to tutor in writing workshops as well as privately mentoring new writers of adult and children’s fiction. She has a BA in Imaginative Writing and Literature and an MA in Creative Writing.

Pauline Cory - AYNI BOOKS
From 1992 Pauline set up and co-managed Littlehampton Natural Health Centre, (a multi-disclipinary practice of 30 practitioners), whilst also working with a group of osteopaths in West Sussex. She has done Brandon Bays' training to become an Accredited Journey Therapist and from 2004-2006 trained with Alberto Villoldo and The Healing The Light Body School (Shamanic Healing), from where the concept of "Ayni" originated.
Pauline is now doing a Permaculture Diploma and is very involved with her local Transition Town movement. She divides her time between the UK and Brittany. She has 2 children, a grandson, 7 step-grandchildren, a wonderfully patient husband, and lives in West Sussex.

Philip Bradbury - BUSINESS BOOKS
Philip is a New Zealander, a qualified accountant (BBS, ACA) who has worked for large and small organizations as an accountant, credit manager and company director. He has also worked for himself (or for clients) as a chartered accountant, business coach and corporate trainer. He has also been a university and Chamber of Commerce lecturer on accounting, business start-up, business development, global marketing, leadership and communication. He has also been corporate trainer for a London Bank, run courses on business and finance for senior executives of government departments for developing countries. He is also an author, and has run workshops in several countries on personal development and on men’s issues.

Tim runs his own training and consultancy company working with international organizations, primarily in the aid area. He has authored five books, managed a dozen book publicity campaigns, and lives in Maryland, USA.

Timothy Staveteig - CIRCLE BOOKS
Timothy is the publisher of Circle Books. He was editor for 15 years at Fortress Press and Westminster John Knox Press, and for the last 10 years editorial director at The Pilgrim Press, the oldest publisher in North America. During this time, he acquired and edited nearly 1,000 titles in religion, history, sociology, psychology and health - the humanities. He got caught up in publishing after his Ph.D. dissertation advisor told him that he was attempting to write a book rather than a dissertation. He is launching Circle Books as an opportunity for active authors in the humanities to reach their readers. Tim lives in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Suzanne Ruthven - COMPASS BOOKS
Suzanne is the publisher of our new imprint Compass Books. She is the editor of the quarterly creative writing magazine, The New Writer, and has tutored at the Annual Writers’ Conference (Winchester College), The Summer School (University of Wales), Horncastle College (Lincolnshire) and the Cheltenham Literature Festival. The original idea for the From the Editor’s Desk workshops was taken from her creative writing book of the same name, and as a result of a successful series for The Welsh Academy, she was invited to become a full member of the Academi in recognition of her contribution to literature in Wales. Her career has included ten years as commissioning editor for ignotus press, as well as publishing books on metaphysics, self-help, country and folk-lore, including two novels. Also ghost-written eight books on spiritual and self-help matters, plus the autobiography of a leading sports personality, which was nominated for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award in 2006. Suzanne lives in Ireland.

Deborah Wells - IFF BOOKS
Deborah is the publisher of Iff Books. Her background is in English Language (linguistics) and Philosophy, and she is committed to education, both her own and the concept in general. Writer, student and teacher, Deborah argues that the notion of 'free-time' is an illusion. Then again, as a devout sceptic, she requires a great deal of convincing about most things. She is married with two sons and lives in the North of England.

Trevor Greenfield - MOON BOOKS
Trevor is the Editorial Manager, working with a score or so of editors processing the final manuscripts. He has MA degrees in Religious Studies and English Literature from the Universities of Sussex and Southampton. He is a published author (Introduction to Radical Theology) and used to teach Religious Studies for the Open University. He lives in West Sussex.

Dominic James is Publisher of Roundfire Books. He is also author of the spiritual thriller The Reiki Man and two forthcoming sequels. Before entering publishing he was a singer/songwriter in various indie bands and scratched a living in numerous jobs including freelance writer, barman, draughtsman and factory worker. After being made redundant in 2008 he consigned himself to a life of poverty and concentrated his efforts on writing full time. As well as publishing and editing he writes reader reports across the imprints and does some marketing.

Alice is publisher for the Soul Rocks list, and works on PR across the lists. She is the author of The High Heeled guide to Spiritual Living (2011) and The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment and a freelance writer whose contributions can be found in a number of print and internet based publications. She is a regular expert guest on Radio and TV and the managing editor of Soul-Cafe. Website: http://alicegrist.co.uk Twitter: @AliceGrist Facebook Page: Alice Grist THHGTE Social Network: http://soul-cafe.net.

Tariq Goddard - ZERO BOOKS
Tariq commissions and edits books on philosophy and culture for our Zero Books imprint when he's not writing himself. He has degrees in philosophy from King's College, London University, had a number of novels published by Hodder & Stoughton and been shortlisted for the Whitbread Award. His latest work, The Picture of Contented New Wealth, has been published recently by Zero Books.

Mark Fisher - ZERO BOOKS
Mark edits the Zero Books list. He is highly respected both as a music writer and a theorist. He writes regularly for Frieze, New Statesman, Sight & Sound and The Wire, where he was acting deputy editor for a year. He is a Visiting Fellow at Goldsmiths, University Of London, and maintains one of the most successful weblogs on cultural theory, k-punk (http://k-punk.abstractdynamics.org). He’s published Capitalist Realism with Zero Books.

John Hunt - ADMIN
I was partly schooled in the US (and have worked for USA publishing corporations, and sold books to many of them, very familiar with the country). I drifted into publishing after getting a scholarship to Oxford University and a Double First degree in English, back in the mid 1970s. John Hunt Publishing Ltd started as a co-edition (packaging color books) publisher in 1989, and over the last half dozen years has been reinventing itself as a trade publisher. The impetus for this was that I started writing myself, and began figuring out how authors could help bring their books to market rather than relying entirely on publishers to do it for them. I work mainly on the editorial/publishing side.

Etan Ilfeld - ADMIN
Etan is an American entrepreneur, based in London, and the chairman of the business. He’s the owner of Watkins, the UK’s oldest spiritual bookshop (a bit like Banyen and Bodhi in the USA, combined), and editor-in-chief of the Watkins Review. He graduated at the top of his physics class at Stanford University, and holds a Masters in Film Studies from the University of Southern California, and a Masters in Interactive Media from Goldsmiths University of London. He founded and owns the Tenderpixel Gallery in Central London (contemporary art), is a serious digital artist in his own right, and was executive producer of the feature film Killer Pad. He won the under 23 section of the US Open Chess Tournament in 2003, is a ranked USCF chess master, and won the World Amateur Poker Championship Title in 2010.

Kate Rowlandson - ADMIN
Kate is the Managing Director, running the business day-to-day and oversees most areas. She is also involved in the development of our systems, websites, and new areas of business such as ebooks. Having worked for John Hunt Publishing since 2004 she has experience in every part of the publishing process. She previously worked in the marketing department of Transworld Publishers (part of the Random House Group) and prior to that rained as an accountant.

Catherine Harris - ADMIN
Catherine is the UK Sales and Marketing Manager. She read physics at university, started out researching ceramics for thermal imaging devices, and after working on silicon chips and teaching maths, she arrived here with her school careers teacher’s word ringing in her ears, “you should work with books or farm animals”.

Justin Loeber - ADMIN
Justin is our technology partner, writing the software which is at the heart of the business. We’re working with his firm on developing a complete publishing package, with content available in all book formats and other media, with author access to all information, all marketing and media contacts, worldwide, for any subject area. We aim to develop this website over the next few years into the most accessible and useful one for authors, anywhere, and the most interesting one for all readers. Justin lives in Connecticut, USA.

Maria Barry - ADMIN
Maria used to be our marketing manager before she moved to France (feels like 2 years ago, but it must be 8) where she lives with her husband and four children. She works with the technical team which is continually progressing the website and the systems behind it. She works on developing the contacts database and circulating information, the heart of the business. She has now also taken on Ebooks.

Stuart Davies - ADMIN
Stuart manages our book design, doing much of it, and sub-contracting some. He also lives in France, has designed thousands of books, many for large companies, and was Design Editor of County Life magazine for twelve years, Art Director of Geographical magazine for two years. He forges Dutch Old Masters in his spare time, and paints oil portraits, from photographs. My picture here and that of Trevor Greenfield are examples. He is available for commissioning portraits at www.stuartdaviesart.com.

Liz Dean - ADMIN
Liz edits marketing materials, and writes reader reports. She’s commissioned mind, body spirit books for major London publishers for almost 15 years, and is active as an editor, ghostwriter and copywriter. The author of four tarot decks/books, including the highly successful Art of Tarot. She gives talks and workshops and co-founded the London Tarot Salon, a workshop series for artists and writers that explores tarot archetypes as a way to illuminate the creative process. She is also a published poet, and lives in London.

Mary Flatt - ADMIN
Mary manages the printing of the titles, handles foreign rights and assists with marketing. She is a botanist who has worked for various conservation organizations, married with two girls, and lives locally.

Nicola Dimond - ADMIN
Nicola is a qualified accountant, and runs our accounts – royalties, invoicing, cash handles ours immaculately, but is shortly off on maternity leave. Which may prevent her usual preoccupation with horses.

Neil Levin - ADMIN
Neil runs the sales in North America. Until recently he was VP of Sales for NBN, the largest (or maybe second largest, depending on who you talk to in which year), independent distributor in North America, a $150 million or so business. He does the “tough love” kind of thing in the readers reports. 


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