The Missing Harmony-O Briain Art Gallery

O'Briain Art Gallery

The Missing Harmony

I thought that I was dreaming when you captured my soul

You caught me with your eye and my heart shook from within

I had never before seen an angel, God had created with his hands 
and I knew that I could love only you

I observed all your reactions, watched your lips move as you spoke

Heard women speaking of you with envy upon their jealous tongues

Inspired I prayed not to waken, so lost in this painting that I saw
and I watched all your colours become one

You give me your hand, and you want to dance with me
And I know by your touch, this is how you want it to be

You held the key to my mind, you set free the slave inside 
So at last I could find, the missing harmony

Thank you for all the time that you give to me, indebted I am to your maker above

I have nothing more of him to ask for, I have been answered my request 
I’m the prisoner to all the beauty you possess

Cathal O'Briain © 2000